Nicoletta Fasani is an Italian brand, issued in 2010 producing women’s clothes.
Halfway between design and handicrafts, Nicoletta’s production features clothes convertible and modular that grow from of a study of simple geometric shapes.

The simplicity of the geometry is Nicoletta Fasani’s collections basis.
Depending on the size and the seams, simple shapes such as a rectangle and a square are worn in different ways. Tops become skirts or dresses, sheath dresses become sweaters or scarfs.

Nicoletta (Niki) creates and gives names to the clothes herself: mono-niki (1 rectangle 3 ways to wear on), biniki (two rectangles, two ways to wear on), tri- niki (1 rectangle, 3 ways to wear on).

For her production Nicoletta uses organic material (hemp, cotton, bamboo fiber): silks from Como factories preserve the ancient tradition of textile production
and Italian fabrics leftovers processing coming from the great textile production, giving new life to wasted material.

The winter collection is composed of a wool capsule produced by a small family-run knitwear factory in Basilicata.

The combining of aesthetics and ethics, of beauty and goodness is essential to Nicoletta. A new way of dressing that allows with an outfit to have two, three or four of it, just looking at it from different points of view. The production is made in Italy. The beauty is the result of the fair.